Three Sokols delivered

In December 2001 PZL-Swidnik delivered three Sokol helicopters to three various customers. The first one, W-3ARM Anaconda search and rescue version was purchased by Polish Navy. The helicopter is equipped with state-of-the-art Safire II FLIR system combined with SX16 searchlight. FLIR is controlled by two monitors used independently by helicopter pilot and FLIR operator. Anaconda is also fitted with TACAN navigation system compatible with NATO standards.

The second Sokol (W-3A) was delivered to the Southkorean KAI company in transport/passenger version. The helicopter will also be used for fire-fighting missions. For this purpose Sokol was equipped with expandable belly water tank originally designed by PZL-Swidnik R&D Department.

The last of Sokols to leave Swidnik in December 2001 was ordered by the United Arab Emirates Police Department. W-3A Sokol, which was supplied to the UAE, commonly carrying up to 12 passengers can be easily transformed into 4-seat VIP configuration.