Sailplanes for Egypt

On September 23, 2000, four World Class sailplanes PW-5 left for Egypt. Not longer than a week later, they were followed by four PW-6 sailplanes ordered also by an Egyptian customer. This was the very first sale of PW-6, the latest product of our factory.

At the end of September and beginning of October, a marketing team of PZL Świdnik S.A. traveled to Germany and Austria. Both these countries, because of popularity of flying sports, a large number of flying clubs, as well as wealth of flying fans, are very attractive markets for our sailplanes.

"The PW-6 can be an interesting alternative for the German sailplane ASK-21 - said Nikhil Gupta, a person responsible at PZL Świdnik for marketing of sailplanes - Having similar technical parameters, the PW-6 is twice cheaper than its competitors. During our tour in Germany and Austria, almost 200 pilots had a chance to fly our demo sailplane. Some of these pilots are going to visit Świdnik to know this sailplane better. I'm sure that the next year we will be able to sell several sailplanes to Germany and Austria.

This year the sale of four PW-6's to Egypt will be complemented by delivery of one sailplane to New Zealand. In 2001, next contracts with Canada and USA are expected for over 10 sailplanes.