PZL-Świdnik at Air Fair 2017 in Bydgoszcz

PZL-Świdnik at Air Fair 2017 in Bydgoszcz
  • PZL-Świdnik exhibits W-3PL Głuszec helicopter – being in daily service of the 56th Air Base in Inowrocław
  • W-3PL Głuszec is presently the most modern helicopter in the service of the Polish Armed Forces.


Bydgoszcz, 26th May 2017 – PZL-Świdnik, a helicopter manufacturer being part of Leonardo Group, is pleased to inform that it takes part in the 11th edition of AIR FAIR 2017 organized by the Military Aviation Works No. 2 in Bydgoszcz, by demonstrating W-3PL Głuszec helicopter, being presently the most modern rotorcraft operated by the Polish Armed Forces.



W-3PL Głuszec is the newest version of the Sokół helicopter, upgraded to combat support version in close cooperation with the Polish Armed Forces as well as Polish industry and R&D sector. The aircraft is provided with state-of-the-art avionics and equipment, owing to which it can be used in various missions on the modern battlefield.



W-3PL Głuszec helicopter has still huge development potential and it can be integrated with various armament systems; this was confirmed during last year’s MSPO fair in Kielce, during which Głuszec was presented with anti-tank SPIKE missiles as an upgrade offer of the helicopter for the Polish Armed Forces. Głuszec with SPIKEs would improve the current combat capabilities of the rotorcraft [from 2000m to 8000m (in the case of integration of SPIKE-ER system), and even to 25,000m (in the case of integration of SPIKE NLOS system)].



The 11th edition of AIR FAIR 2017 takes place on 26th-27th May this year in Bydgoszcz. According to tradition, day one is dedicated to tightening of business relations between defense industry companies exhibiting their products and their potential clients. On the second day the exposition is open to general public. The event aims to consolidate the aviation community – both military and civilian one. The exposition is visited every year by representatives, among others, of the Ministry of National Defense, the General Staff and the Inspectorate for Armed Forces Support.





W-3PL Głuszec


W-3PL Głuszec helicopter is a result of close cooperation between PZL-Świdnik, Polish Armed Force,  Polish defense industry and the Air Force Institute of Technology. The helicopter shown during the AIR FAIR 2017 remains in daily service of the 56th Air Base in Inowrocław. Głuszec is the newest version of Sokół rotorcraft modernized to meet combat support standards. As the only helicopter in the Polish Armed Forces fleet it is provided with state-of-the-art avionics integrated with the mission computer and with the equipment and armament (largely Polish-made) allowing it to fulfil a wide range of combat missions, i.e. CSAR, combat support, troop and cargo transport, convoy duties, surveillance and targeting, and air assault.



Among others, the following armament systems have been installed on the helicopter: a remote-controlled gun turret, armed with a 12.7mm machine gun mounted under the nose of the helicopter, a double-barrel 23mm cannon in dispenser, NATO 70mm standard rocket launchers, MIL 1553 bus-controlled flare and dipole chaff dispensers, jammer of IR missiles, head-up display; moreover integration covered the existing armament, i.e. 57mm and 80mm rockets, air-to-air missiles, small diameter bombs.



The first four Głuszec rotorcrafts were delivered to the Polish Army in December 2010. Then the second contract was signed for upgrade of another four Sokół helicopters to W-3PL version.



 PZL-Świdnik at Air Fair 2017 in Bydgoszcz

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