Customer Support & Training


Customer Support & Training focuses on customer satisfaction. It was appointed to support accomplishment of customers’ requirements, to assure effective and efficient after-sale support and to maintain continuous operation of helicopters.


The customers operating aviation equipment are offered the support in scope of:

  • Technical consultancy
  • Maintenance activities
  • Accomplishment of bulletins
  • Performance of helicopter maintenance
  • Performance of special repairs of helicopters
  • Performance of helicopter overhauls
  • Performance of repairs and overhauls of single subassys/components and helicopters.


Our employees are the qualified specialists who:

  • Coordinate performance of maintenance activities and assure their compliance with operational needs of customers
  • Elaborate operational solutions for maintenance issues
  • Carry out the material planning policy together with provision of services compliant with customers’ expectations
  • Trace the problems and issues reported by customers
  • Coordinate implementation of product improvements and/or major modifications during operation (such as introduction of new elements, mandatory technical bulletins, etc.).


Customer Support & Training dedicates a Support Manager to each Customer to coordinate all the activities mentioned above.


We have the dedicated engineering personnel available to provide support in scope of interpretation of technical records, manner of troubleshooting and –if required – release of applicable technical documentation.


Our technicians are available to perform services in the Operators’ headquarters based on own technical equipment.


Order Management & Warranties constantly secures the stock of required materials and components. Accomplishment of material demands takes place in strict cooperation with Material Management and we have the capability to efficiently secure materials and components based on our own warehouses.


Customer Support & Training is capable to secure, via its own functions and activities, all demands of our customers. The support can be provided based on the requirements of PART 145 or AQAP 2110 regulations.





Head of Customer Support & Training 
Leszek Dziewit 
Phone: +48 602370101 
Fax: +48 81 722 5625 


Customer Support Management  
Krzysztof Marjasiewicz 
Phone: +48 608425033 


Customer Support Manager - Civil and International Customers  
Piotr Buczek Phone: +48 602152524 


Customer Support Manager – Polish Army, Navy, Police and Border Guard 
Michał Krociel
Tel.: +48 781 011 505


Customer Support Manager – Polish Air Force
Robert Majcher
Tel: +48 781 383 141


24h Management on duty 
Phone: +48 81 722 6140 
Fax: +48 81 722 5625