PW-6 has got a Type Certificate

On September 15, 2000, a celebration of awarding the Type Certificate to the factory's new product, PW-6 Sailplane, was held in the conference room of PZL Świdnik.

Three partners developed the PW-6: Warsaw University of Technology, Experimental Workshop of Composite Aircraft Structures (DWLKK), and PZL Świdnik S.A. A team headed by Roman Świtkiewicz, Ph.D, designed the sailplane. This is the same team who designed the World Class sailplane PW-5. A chief designer of PW-6 is Wojciech Frączek. The first prototype of PW-6, which had its maiden flight on July 18, 1998, was built at DWLKK, but the manufacturer of PW-6, and also the owner of the Type Certificate, is PZL Świdnik S.A.

The new product is an all-composite, two-seat sailplane. It was designed primarily for pilot training. The PW-6 is capable of performing some aerobatic figures. Its price is 77.000 DM. The PW-6 is a complement of PZL Świdnik's sailplane offer as "the first step" before changing to the single-seat PW-5.