The W-3A Sokół is a 6-tonne class twin-engine multipurpose helicopter, capable of carrying up to 2 pilots and 12 passengers. It has proven to be a very effective, rugged and reliable helicopter in all conditions.
Highly flexible, with significant internal and external cargo capacity, W-3A can perform in a wide range of operations making it an excellent utility helicopter.
The helicopter has been type certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) under Part 29 and by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) under Part 29. Featuring outstanding operational capability, the A low cost to useful load ratio and very easy maintenance operations make the W-3A particularly attractive for operators in a wide range of applications.


Twelve passenger seats can be installed in a variety of arrangements in the passenger cabin. Two sliding doors on each side provide easy entrance to and exit from the cockpit and the cabin.
The VIP version of W-3A Sokół helicopter is equipped with five comfortable seats, covered with leather upholstery. The noise level in the passenger cabin is reduced by means of soundproofing foam and double window panes. Cabin is air conditioned and separated from cockpit.


The W-3 can be easily fit to individual requirements. Big sliding doors on each side provide easy entrance the cabin. The cabin of the helicopter can hold loads of up to 2,100 kgs of cargo, or a combination of cargo and up to 10 passengers on folding jump seats. The helicopter can also carry external loads of up to 2,100 kgs on its cargo sling system.


W-3A has proven to be a very effective in firefighting missions. It can be equipped in Bambi Bucket on the cargo sling, or in an expandable belly water tank. The configuration can be easily changed to MEDEVAC.


Sokół helicopter in its law enforcement version can be equipped with the following mission equipment: electric hoist for lifting people or loads of up to 272 kgs, FLIR/video system, roping installation, intercom and secure radio communication, external loudspeaker, external cargo hook capable of carrying underslung load of up to 2,100 kgs, up to 12 passenger seats or up to 10 folding seats.


This version is designed for transportation of four casualties on stretchers. In case of need, casualties can be transported both on stretchers and on folding seats. For this purpose, one pair of stretches is replaced with folding seats. 


Sokół helicopter provides the possibility of transporting the patients requiring intensive medical care during flight. In this case, the helicopter cabin is equipped with a stretcher for one patient, three seats for medical personnel and sophisticated medical instruments. The EMS version can be fitted out with the following medical equipment: defibrillator with heart stimulator and monitor, automatic blood pressure monitoring system, ECG unit, respirator, infusion pump, aspirator, apparatus for external massage of the heart, apparatus for artificial respiration, oxygen system with a flow meter and a humid filter.


W-3A can fulfill search and rescue missions both in mountain and marine terrain.
Helicopter is equipped in electrical hoist for lifting people, or loads of up to 272 kgs at heights up to 50 meters.  Mountain rescue version is  equipped with ski landing gear.
W-3A marine search and rescue version is equipped with six inflatable floats attached around the fuselage for emergency ditching and keep the aircraft on the water surface.

Max take off (int. loads)
6400 kg 14110 lb
Max take off (ext. loads) 6400 kg 14110 lb
Basic empty weights 3850 kg 8487 lb
Max useful load 2550 kg 5621 lb


Engine Rating (2 x PZL 10W)
Take off power (5 min) 2x662 kW 2x888 shp
Maximum continuous power 2 x574 kW 2x770 shp
O.E.I. max contingency power (2.5 min) 846 kW 1134 shp
O.E.I. max contingency power (30 min) 736 kW 987 shp


Fuel Capacity
Standard 1720 l 454 USgal
Auxiliary 730 l 193 USgal


Pilots/Passengers 1/13


External Dimensions
Length (rotors turning) 18.79 m
61.65 ft
1.75 m
5.74 ft
Maximum height 4.20 m
13.78 ft
Main rotor diameter 15.70 m
51.51 ft
Tail rotor diameter 3.03 m
9.94 ft


Performance (ISA, 6400 kg / 14110 lb)
VNE 260 km/h 140,5 kts
Max cruise speed 235 km/h 127 kts
Rate of climb 8,5 m/sec 1678 ft/min
Hovering IGE (ISA) 2550 m 8364 ft
Hovering OGE (ISA) 660 m 2165 ft
Service ceiling 4520 m 14829 ft
Max Range* 734 km 396 nm
Max Range with ax. fuel tank** 1180 km 637 nm
Max endurance** 4 h 12 min

(*) With 454 USgal fuel, no reserve,
(**)With 647 USgal fuel, no reserve - @5000ft

• Dual controls
• Rotor brake
• Retractable landing lights
• Folding seats
• Medevac stretchers
• Auxiliary fuel tank (730l litres /193 USgal)
• Rescue hoist (272 kg / 600 lb)
• Searchlight
• Cargo hook 2100 kg (4.630lb)
• Engines air particle separator
• Rappelling system
• Snow skis kit 
• Wire strike protection system
• Marking for high visibility main rotor blades

• HF
• ICS pilot and co-pilot
• Transponder
• Encoder
• Gyrocompass
• Radio altimeter
• Weather radar
• 4-axis AFCS (option)

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