Wytwórnia Sprzętu Komunikacyjnego “PZL-Świdnik” S.A. hereby announces the open tender procedure for the sale of the machinery and equipment owned by Wytwórnia Sprzętu Komunikacyjnego “PZL-Świdnik” S.A. (located in Świdnik, at al. Lotników Polskich 1)


I. Subject of the Sale

1. The subject of the sale shall be the machinery and equipment listed in Annex 1.

II. Terms of sale

1. The tender procedure is open to self-employed persons, corporate entities or unincorporated organizations.

2. Written tenders should include:
- name and address or the tenderer,
- phone number,
- name of the item to be purchased, the offered price/net price and terms of payment,
- declaration on the awareness of the actual condition of the item purchased and the declaration of its acceptance “as is” as of the sale date, without any reservations;
- acknowledgment of the fact that the Seller is not liable for any guarantees or warranties for defects in the goods sold. Any complaints with respect to the equipment purchased shall be excluded.

3. Tenderers shall submit their tenders either in Polish or in English on the tender offer form attached as Annex 2.

4. The tender shall be signed by the person or persons authorized to represent the Tenderer.

5. A Tenderer may submit only one price quote for each item.

6. Tenders shall be submitted by e-mail to

7. Complete Tender Materials will be made available on

8. In the event of equivalent tenders, the Seller will continue negotiations with the tenderers who offered the same prices, while the decision will be made based on the supplementary written tenders.

9. The Buyer shall pay for the items purchased after receiving the e-mail notification about the selection of the tender, within 3 working days from receipt of the invoice for the machinery and equipment purchased.

10.The items will be released immediately upon the written acceptance of the Tender by the Seller and receipt of the payment confirmation or after the funds are credited to the account.

11.The Buyer shall be responsible for the dismantling and loading of the items.

12.The Buyer shall be liable for any damage caused by mishandling of the items purchased during their loading and transport.

13.The Seller shall not be liable for any guarantees or warranties for defects in the goods sold. Any complaints with respect to the equipment purchased shall be excluded.

14.Wytwórnia Sprzętu Komunikacyjnego “PZL-Świdnik” S.A. reserves the right to invalidate/cancel the tender procedure, either in part or in whole, at any stage, without giving the reasons.

III. Schedule

1. Publication of the notice in the press and on the website on 26 September 2016

2. On-site inspections in the period from 6th October to 7th October 2016 – Before the visit, it will be necessary to produce an identity document,
Before the visit of the need to provide information about the positions that the Buyer is interested.

3. Tenders shall be submitted by e-mail by 14 October 2016 until 16:00 to

4. The best tender will be selected by 4 November 2016.

IV. Requirements for Buyers

1. Only those Tenderers who satisfy the requirements set out in the Terms of the Tender Procedure may participate in the tender procedure.

V. Contact data

1. The employees authorized to contact with the tenderers shall be:

1. for technical matters –Mr Adam Duda 81 722 51 77
or 606-828-700

2. for commercial issues – Ms Katarzyna Szewczyk 81 722 57 59