Customer Support & Services

PZL-Świdnik SA guarantees service and spare parts delivery during warranty and in after warranty period.

WARRANTY: PZL-Świdnik SA warrants for its products to be free from defects for 12 months. During warranty the company provides free of charge service for its helicopters operated at the customer site.

AFTER WARRANTY SERVICE: Under separate contracts, PZL-Świdnik SA conducts the repair and overhaul of its products at own service facility or can send repair teams to the customer to perform on site repairs.

SPARE PARTS: Delivery of spare parts is free of charge during warranty. We guarantee continuous deliveries of spare parts in after warranty peiod.

PZL-Świdnik SA has specialized service center and offers full technical support to provide overhauls of all products manufactured by the company. On this base PZL-Świdnik offers also overhauls of other types of aviation structures apart overhauls of its products. 
PZL-Świdnik SA is experienced for many years in overhauls of metal and composite aviation structures. 
We offer overhauls of all components for helicopters and gliders manufactured by PZL-Świdnik SA.

Customer Support Plant is organized in structure of PZL-Świdnik SA as approved center to carry out the following services:

  • Technical support
  • Service 
  • Bulletins providing 
  • Inspections of the helicopters: W-3A Sokół, Kania, Mi-2 
  • Special repairs of the helicopters: W-3A Sokół, Kania, Mi-2 
  • Overhauls of the helicopters: W-3A Sokół, Kania, Mi-2 
  • Overhauls and repairs of helicopters components for W-3A Sokół, Kania, Mi-2

Al. Lotników Polskich 1
21-045 Świdnik 
tel. (+48) 81 722 61 40, (+48) 81 722 61 40
fax (+48) 81 722 56 25